Kaleidoscope Effect

by Kaleidoscope Effect

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released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Kaleidoscope Effect Minneapolis, Minnesota

Playing alternative rock like it’s 2003, Kaleidoscope Effect combines the best of driving keyboard parts, ambient guitars, and alluring vocal melodies. Their shows attract crowds of casual foot tappers and head bobbers, torn between the urge to dance and listen intently to catch the rest of each story. ... more

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Track Name: End of Days
No this is not
The kind of thing you could hope to relate
Through a picture frame
Or scattered thoughts across an open page
But there’s no need to explain
Cause you were there
To feel for yourself the hope, the rage, the fear
For our end of days
Now we don’t talk at all I’m sad to say
I didn’t want us, no I didn’t want us
To end this way

Come on, come on
And tell me something more
That you’re wondering
I can’t believe there’s nothing left
Come on, come on
There must be something more
That you’re keeping to yourself

But take your time
To get over this and back to where you shine
To your brightest days
When we let the Mississippi wash our hearts away
Lauren I never told you but I’m sorry
Track Name: Killed by Karma
Caffeine heart beating life
To paper hands and lightbulb eyes
Not burning oh so bright
These days have scared me off the nights
And it's all your fault
Do you care at all?
That I'm staring at the clock
While it's sleeping on the wall

Go on ignoring my despondent state
While under your enchantments I remain
Caught by karma til I set things right

Went skating at the rink
But what's a boy, what's a boy, what am I to think?
When you don't reply for days
And I'm left with reasons I create
And I’d understand
It wouldn't be so bad
If you had told me from the start
That I didn't have a chance

And I know what I've done
To deserve to watch your love
float away, out of reach
Track Name: Life is Dry in the Desert
Lock up tight
Keep those thoughts behind your eyes
There’s no one here to save
The one’s who cannot save themselves
From Sunday nights
The same old story, same old fight
Quarters spinning on the floor

Can’t help from going underground
Sick of our selves and of this sound
And I don’t believe it’ll ever change

We’ve been down
And I can’t recall exactly how
We ever found this place
I think we must have made it for ourselves
This desert life
I’ll be the cactus, you the spikes
Drying up together now
Track Name: Australia
Nervous faces on a plane
When we first met you asked me for my name
A lucky sweater is all I’d need
To grab your attention, now I cannot leave
After landing we’d start to feel
A little different but thinking, could this be real?
Halfway round the world from home
Time to forget what I already know
So there’s room to grow

In Australia
Now things won’t ever be the same again
And what am I supposed to say to that?
Did you mean it when you said you’re falling in love?

Taking pictures of all we’d find
Funny how I wound up in yours all the time
Maybe it just went by to fast
But I was not convinced that we could last

Swimming on our own tonight
I wished we’d never to leave the outback lights
But I know we’re going back someday
To revisit all those places we stayed
Where our hearts remain
Track Name: Scripted Pages
Take a shot, yea line it right up
Cause you deserve the best
It’s gonna hurt but before it gets worse
You won’t feel the rest
Take a hit, get your mind off it
Try not to fall asleep
And if tomorrow comes, it all repeats

Here we go another time
We act it out because we’ve memorized
These lines will never take you far away
Always bound to the scripted page
I hope in time we learn to let it go

Spellbound by the peace you found
But it all comes with a price
Transfixed, get your eyes off this
There’s nothing worth this sight
You joke, fingers down your throat
But this time it’s for real
Is there anything that you’d rather feel?
Track Name: You Don't Know How Money You Are
Bound to a season of counting nights
When everyone’s lost in another’s eyes
And I don’t stand a chance do I
To bury myself in yours tonight?

The closest you’ve come is too far away
You don’t know how money you are to me
You don’t, you don’t know
That I’m stuck to these beaten down tracks
Singing sad songs ain’t bringing you back but
I don’t, I don’t know any other way

Lost in the reasons I shouldn’t try
Mind reader radio never lies
But I can’t shake you off this time
Awaiting the curtain call
The do or the die
Track Name: Where Are You Tonight?
Took a drive at 4 AM last night
Looking for the girl I left behind
To a place off 94 where she
Saw me with my band the year before
I was starting to believe
There was nothing left to lose

No it can’t ever be as simple as we’d like
The more we try to understand
The more we obscure the light
Under circumstances I’d say I’m well within the right
Where are you tonight?

Giving into demons in disguise
Showing me through photos of her life
On the verge about to bend
While writing a message I could never send
She’s got me by the heart
Now there’s nothing left to choose

Beyond the highway exit signs
Over the state and county lines
I’ll take back all we were denied
And when I finally arrive
At your front door you’ll recognize me
And we can start again
Track Name: Haunted Eyes
I see your face upon the blank white screen
Is this for real or just something that I’m feeling
The pixels form a perfect shape around your eyes
And how I pray that their not all just lies

I know there must be more than holding doors
Just to recognize the chance
That you’ll come back and stop the wars
That rage inside me since you left I’m
Out of breath and innocence
No longer the man I was
These haunted eyes could not surprise me now

The dancer in the window glows as I walk by
And a lightning storm attacks my chest as I recognize
The way her hand traces the air around her neck
I’ve seen this all before
But it hasn’t happened yet

It all reminds me of the way we were before
And I don’t think that I could bear to close that door for good now
All I’m seeing are the ghosts of memories past
Wish they were really you
I wish that they would last